Meet The Creator


Loving My Tees by Sixx is a company that specializes in rhinestone tees by incorporating a fabulous design with multiples colors, iz'ems, and/or hashtags.

Loving My Tees by Sixx started in 2013 by Shanica "Sixxfo" Loving.  Sixxfo use to perform with a group called Tha Alleydwellers back in Detroit many years ago. The group came out under Detroit's own Alley Life who was the first artist signed to the Farm Club/Interscope label.  As an individual artist and part member of the group, they toured and performed all over the world.  Alley Life released his self-titled CD along with a video called, "That's The Way We Roll" back in 05.  However, it wasn't until Tony Hawk Pro debut his song, "Out With The Old" featuring Black Planet, that Alley Life started to gain recognition not only for himself but for his group. 

Sixxfo continues to support Alley Life and Tha Dwellers although they are no longer together as a group.  Sixxfo, also known as Sixx to the group members, continued to work with individuals of the group on solo projects.  Such songs as, "One Night Stand" "Key My Truck" and "Dreamin" and a host of other songs, gave an insight to her creative mind.

Behind the scene, Sixx would craft, paint, and do music.  It wasn't until the year 2013, that Sixx decided to use her crafting skills to create other avenues of art. Thus, Loving My Tees by Sixx was born!  

Today, Sixx is married with two kids, has her BA of Science degree in Human Services, and continues to work by helping the community during these hard economic times. 

Below is the link to the song That's The Way We Roll.  Throughout the video, Sixx played an intricate roll that kept you captivated and her style was very unique.  To date, Sixx keeps in touch with most of her group members and is still the only female within the group of The Alleydwellers.

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Thanks to all for your continued support!