Loving My Tees by Sixx

Care Instructions for Rhinestone Tees


Wash & Care Instructions


If you get a stain on your shirt, do not use any chemicals on the stones or the paint.  This will cause damage and loosen the stones on your shirt and possibly remove the paint.


When washing your shirt, make sure to wash it on a gentle cycle or by hand.  You will have to wash the shirt inside out in cold water.  DO NOT USE BLEACH!  Using bleach will eat away at the glue and paint, thus causing the stones to loosen and fall off.


Once the washing is completed, it is best to hang dry or lay your shirt on a flat surface to dry.  However, you may use a low heat drying cycle and remove the shirt immediately from the dryer.


Lastly, DO NOT IRON YOUR SHIRT!!  Ironing causes the glue to loosen (in some cases), and this will result in the loss of stones.  If you must iron, turn your shirt inside out and place a towel over the shirt.  Be careful not to iron on the design of the shirt.

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